Diamond Color


Diamond Colors According To The Diamond Color ChartThe GIA diamond color scale is the leading industry standard of diamond color grading. Before this was the standard, other color grading scales used A, B and C, so GIA started their scale at D to avoid confusion.There are six categories on the GIA diamond chart, with color grades that range from absolutely colorless to light in color. Diamonds rated D are the most devoid of color and very rare, whereas G color diamonds and H color diamonds are near colorless, and since they’re priced lower they are excellent value diamonds. The more you move down the color chart, the lower the color grade is, and the more noticeable the light yellow hue becomes.D Color Diamonds (Absolutely Colorless)K-Z J I H G F E DD Color Diamonds (Absolutely Colorless)D color diamond is the highest grade and is extremely rare—the highest color grade that money can buy. Eight percent of customers choose a D color diamond.See D Graded DiamondsDiamond Color Buying TipsIf you’re looking to buy fine diamond jewelry such as an engagement ring, it’s important to understand how diamond color affects price. Here are a few buying tips and things to know about diamond color.DIAMOND COLOR IS THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT FACTORNEAR COLORLESS DIAMONDS ARE THE BEST VALUEDIAMOND SHAPE, SIZE AND RING METALS MATTERShop Blue Nile Diamonds By Color GradeBlue Nile offers only Colorless and Near-Colorless diamonds to assure that any natural color present is typically undetectable to the naked eye. We offer:

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